STEFANO: He takes care of the vegetable garden, fields, olive grove, orchard, garden, swimming pool and of all the technical maintenance. He will be at your disposal for your need!

ANNA MARIA: She coordinates the cleaning of the houses and she organizes the linen change weekly. Her main role is to ensure that every apartment is clean, welcoming and in full-working order.

FEDERICA: Stefano’s and Anna Maria’s youngest daughter, she deals with the back office of the farm holidays and she tries to develop new projects for the future. She’s happy to welcome you with little Anna, the newcomer of the family, and provide you with all of the tourist information that you need, in English as well!

FRANCESCO: Federica’s husband and psychologist, he coordinates social farming projects carried out during the end of season.

FRANCESCA: Stefano’s and Anna Maria’s eldest daughter, she is married to Filippo and she has three children: Caterina, Costanza and Alessandro. When she has some free time, she helps in the administrative management of the farm holidays.

FILIPPO: Francesca’s husband he mainly deals with the welcoming of foreign guests, speaking the languages, especially German, very well!

ROCCO: He is a small dog, a Dachshund breed, very nice and sweet. If someone wants to know him, he will be very happy!

Das Gebiet
In der Maremma wird jeder Urlaub zu einer neuen Überraschung. Blühende und üppige Pflanzen rahmen die langen und gut ausgestatteten Sandstrände, die entlang des kristallblauen Meeres...


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