Reception room

"We have celebrated every important stage of our lives here in the countryside. Birthdays, anniversaries, holy communions, weddings and christenings and every other party we have ever had here made the guests happy and satisfied".

Thus, we have decided to build a new space fully devoted to small events, where everyone can enjoy the beauty and the peace of this environment. The love and attention of the existing reception spaces pushed us to design an additional space aimed at hosting birthdays, meetings, private ceremonies in an exclusive and relaxed environment.

Casa Le Grazie is a building in the hearth of the Maremma countryside, 10 minutes away from Grosseto. It is an ideal space to celebrate the little ones, who will be able to have fun and enjoy simple and authentic agri-snacks. It is also a space for the enjoyment of the grown-ups.

Casa Le Grazie’s wide and green spaces render every event special (birthdays, ceremonies and anniversaries) with the possibility to taste local products grown directly in our farm.

Casa Le Grazie can also hosts training events for small groups, making available a fitted space with a beamer and stereo system. Guests can also stay overnight in our farm (agriturism).

The Territory
The Territory Every holiday is a new surprise in Maremma.Blooming pine groves are the setting for long and equipped sand beaches, lapped by a crystalline sea. Sea, natural parks, ancient villages and castles,...


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